She’s Not the Woman She Used to Be

In this weeks show, Episode 23 of Kilos of Craic, Brian F., Dr. Don, and myself discuss everything from National Emergencies to Wildwood, New Jersey.

Topics discussed in this weeks show:

  1. Dr. Don needs B12
  2. We admit to being a bunch of auld crackers.
  3. Dr. Don asks for exhaust placement suggestions.
  4. California’s decibel Laws
  5. California Economy.
  6. National Emergencies
  7. Maxine Waters
  8. Budget Bill Signed
  9. A Demographic and Voting Shift
  10. Military Training.
  11. Non US Citizens serving in the Military.
  12. Gangs in the Military
  13. Free College for Migrants
  14. Staged Empire Attack?
  15. She’s Not the Woman she Used to Be.
  16. Matrix reloaded symbology?
  17. Pontiac’s version of the Vega?
  18. Brian talks about partying in Wildwood, NJ.
Episode 23 of Kilos of Craic.

"She's Not the Woman She Used to Be."

She’s Not the Woman She Used to Be
Kilos of Craic

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