Kilos of Craic – Episode 4/Taisme Charr

In this Weeks Episode of Kilos of Craic, Brian F., Dr. Don, and myself discuss everything from flags to cars.

Taisme Charr

Episode 4 Topics:

  1. Crashing my Truck
  2. Fathers Day
  3. Red Necks
  4. Rebel Flag
  5. Union Jack
  6. The Political Fringe
  7. Potential Repeal of the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution
  8. Dr. Don and the Church
  9. The Blood Miracles, by Lisa McInerney
  10. Sonic Booms
  11. 3d Printing
  12. America First
  13. Buying and Selling Cars
  14. Diesel Power
  15. Drag racing the VW Beetle

This weeks music, “The Auld Lang Triangle“, is by the amazing Sheena Mullan.  Check out her Facebook Page and Youtube Channel for more info and incredible Irish music and more.

Kilos of Craic
Kilos of Craic - Episode 4/Taisme Charr


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