Kilos of Craic – Episode 6

In this weeks show, Brian F., Dr. Don, and Myself discuss everything from the murderous heat wave to the Clinton’s.

Episode 6 Topics:

  1. Horrible Traffic
  2. Heat Wave Murders
  3. Dodge and Mopar.
  4. Dr. Don’s first Mustang.
  5. Apollo 11 Launched on July 16th 1969.  The day of recording.
  6. Also on July 16th in 1579, the 2nd Desmond Rebellion began.
  7. Path of Total Eclipse going over South Carolina
  8. The state of Obamacare Repeal.
  9. John McCain Surgery.
  10. Standard vs. Metric
  11. Whitworth bolts
  12. Dr. Don talks about racing a Honda and Suburban in his ’72 VW Beetle.
  13. Dr. Don also gives us some insight into his speaker box designs over the years.
  14. Pathetic lawsuit filing against the Trump Campaign over erroneous claims of Russian Collusion.
  15. We finish the show with The Clinton Hit List,  and their Collusion with Everyone!

Music in this weeks show is brought to you by the talented, Kevin MacLeod.

Lord of the Land by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (



Kilos of Craic
Kilos of Craic
Kilos of Craic - Episode 6


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