Kilos of Craic – Episode 9


In Episode 9 of Kilos of Craic, Brian F., Dr. Don, and I discuss everything from Hurricane Irma devastation to the movie “IT”. Dr. Don gives us a review of “IT” after we discuss the sheer destruction that covered Florida’s land mass. We talk about traffic leading up to Irma. Dr. Don talks about replacing the ball joints on his VW Beetle. The lot of us laugh about being pulled over in our younger years. Dr. Don and I argue about the necessity of Masters Degrees and the lack of Common Sense in Academia. I call Pit Bulls stupid, Dr. Don defends them, and Brian laughs. It was a great show. Check back often for the latest Episode of Kilos of Craic.

Music by Kevin MacLeod:

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Episode 9 Poster image by NASA

Kilos of Craic
Kilos of Craic - Episode 9

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